Competition Rules

As at April 2018

In this competition the emphasis is on enjoyment, social atmosphere and skill development/maintenance. While competitiveness is not discouraged, it should be remembered that novice players need some encouragement and the "win at all costs" philosophy is not appropriate. All rules are open to the interpretation of the Referee and their decision is final.



•   5 PLAYERS (at least 1 player must be female) on field at all times

•   Games will consist of three 10-minute continuous clock periods with a 3-minute break between 1st and 2nd

•   Each team will have (2) one minute time-outs per game.

•   Any delay tactics, (kicking the ball far out of bounds or standing on the ball) will allow the referee (at his/her discretion) to stop the clock.



All players must be at least 4' tall and at least 66 lbs. This is due to the dimensions of the ball.

There are 3-three sizes of bubbles. Players weighing more than 198 lbs. will be encouraged to user the larger bubbles.

SIZE         HEIGHT               WEIGHT             OUTSIDE       INSIDE

1.2M        4”-5’5”              66-110 lbs            4'              2’2”-2’6”

1.5M        5’5”-6’6”          110-198 lbs           5'              2’6”-3’10”

1.6M        5’11”-7’3”        110-232 lbs           6'              3’10”-5’2”


Responsibility of Players

All players are responsible for reading and understanding the rules contained herein.

If there are any rules that are not clear please discuss these with the Referee or Convener prior to the commencement of the game or at half time. Due to time constraints the Referees will not discuss rules or rulings during the game.


Responsibilities of the Officials


The Referee is directly responsible for the game and ensuring the described rules are adhered to. They are responsible for the safety of the players; and the timing and conduct of the game. They have a duty to be respectful and considerate to teams, act in an unbiased manner and ensure the game remains social and enjoyable for all involved.


The Convener is responsible for the management of all the games, teams, venue, equipment and administration. They will be present at all games to ensure First Aid is administered, information is provided and that all players and officials are conducting themselves in an appropriate manner.

Leagues run by KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER either have an official or are self-officiated. When self-officiated, the teams playing must be responsible for calling their own infractions. It is not the responsibility of the opponents to call a foul.

KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER officials are responsible for the fair play of games; however, participants are still responsible for knowing and understanding the league rules. Officials will make calls based on established league rules and have the final say. Officials will work to provide fair and fun game play. If a participant is found to be disrupting this effort, the league official has the authority remove said player from the game.

          Participants choosing to yell at officials will NOT be tolerated!

We also have the right as do referees to remove anyone from the playing field or end a game without refund should we feel safety or sportsmanship is being compromised.


Conduct of Players

It is the responsibility of all players to conduct themselves in a way that is respectful and considerate to team members, opposing teams, the Convener, the Referee and any other people concerned. Any behavior, act or language that is considered inappropriate by the officials (Referee or the Convener) will not be tolerated. Poor conduct either on or off the court will be determined by the officials and action will

be taken based upon the offence. This can include the removal of a player, or team, from the competition, should they be deemed dangerous or offensive to players or officials.



The Knockers Bubble Soccer exists to provide adults with the ability to continue to compete in lifelong recreational play. We realize there will be intense moments during games, towards the end of games or when a player makes a mistake in judgment, but we hope the KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER Spirit of Play will always remain.

The KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER encourages players to play with a "Fun First, Win Second" attitude. Our leagues are about getting out and having a good time with old friends and new! The KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER believes that encouraging good sports behavior is why players join and will remain in our leagues. Playing with KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER Spirit provides a non-threatening, fun environment for all levels of players. Good sporting behavior: behavioral tendencies of a person who can take loss or defeat without complaint, and victory without gloating, and who treats all opponents with fairness, generosity, courtesy and respect. This is the attitude we encourage all players to display on and off the playing field!



The location for Bubble Soccer may change each season depending on the availability and conditions of the fields and inside locations. Please check each season individually for locations.


Game Commencement

(a) Teams should arrive ten (10) minutes prior to the commencement of their match to allow for smooth transition of games. All players are also required to bring a form of PHOTO ID for the Convener to check when signing the team registration form for every game.

For every minute that a team is not able to take the court with the minimum number of players (see Rule 6), a point will be awarded to the opposition team. If the game has not started by the end of the first half, a 5-0 forfeit is recorded.

Note that as this competition is social, the game may go ahead after the first half; however, the 0-5 loss will stand regardless of the actual score.

There are 30 minutes allocated for each game with games running for four 5-minute quarters so all teams must be ready for their scheduled game. In all circumstances the game must finish at the scheduled time. See section 8 for more details regarding game length.



Kick-off – the ball will be placed in the center of the field, and teams line up along their goal line. When the whistle blows, teams may run to the ball for possession. This will occur every time a goal is scored.

Ball in Bubble – If the ball lands in a bubble, play will stop and the ball retrieved. The referee will then conduct a “drop ball” with one member from each team.

Drop Ball – 1 player from each team will stand 5 yards away from the ball, as the ball hits the ground each player may charge towards the ball to retrieve it.

Tie Game - if teams are tied at the end of regulation, a 3-minute overtime will be played where the first team to score a goal wins the game



Anytime the ball goes over either sideline, out of bounds, a kick-in will ensue. No player from the field should attempt to retrieve the out of bounds ball. The referee will either put another ball into play or ask a non-playing teammate to retrieve the ball to resume play.

Last touched by a defender- a corner kick. Ball is placed on nearest corner and kicked in by offensive team. Goals may be scored on corner

kicks. All players must be outside the goal box until the ball enters the goal box and the defense must be at least 4 paces from the corner.

Last touched by attacker. A goal kick by the defense.


NO GOALKEEPERS:     Teams will not be allowed to have a goalkeeper.


OFFSIDES:     There is no offside.


Number of Players & Substitutions:

There is no limit to the numbers of players that a team can register. However, team members can only play in the finals if they have played four (4) or more games during the normal rounds. This must be indicated on the team registration form.

Teams must have started the match with five players on the field

During finals matches, each player on field must have played a minimum of four games to be eligible. If it is found that a player is on court that is ineligible for finals this will result in an immediate 5-0 forfeit by that team. It is the responsibility of individual players and team captains to ensure that all their players are eligible for finals matches. While the Referee and Convener will try to prevent such situations via the team registration form, the responsibility does rest with the individual players and team captains.

Continually breaching these rules will result in the offending team receiving an official warning. Persistent infringement may involve further disciplinary actions applicable to each case.



Substitutions are allowed during the regular season. It is the responsibility of the team captain to explain the rules to subs before games begin. Teams may borrow players from other league teams as substitutes only during the regular season. When borrowing players from another team, a maximum number of subs allowed is the amount needed to have a full team on the field plus one. Teams must play their normal roster players ahead of substitutes who were borrowed from another team.

Substitutions may be made throughout the game


Players’ Equipment and Attire


KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER advises that players in a team should all wear the same color t-shirt or singlet.


It is compulsory for all players to wear appropriate enclosed sports shoes. Molded-soled shoes or boots with tags will not be permitted under any circumstance. Players are also not permitted to wear work boots or hiking boots.



•   No Eyeglasses worn inside the bubble suit unless they are sports glasses with a head strap (contacts are permitted)

•   No jewelry [watches, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, earrings, nose

•   rings, piercings (ear, eyebrow, belly, cartilage), hair barrettes, bobby pins, or anything sharp that could puncture or injure someone is not allowed to be worn. Covering with band-aid or tape is not acceptable

•   Sports clothing suggested (clothing containing zippers, jeans, non-sports related clothing are prohibited)

•   Tennis shoes are required

•   Knee pads are highly recommended

•   It is also recommended that you color coordinate as our bubbles are not colored and jerseys will not be supplied



No player can take the field with bare feet or while wearing jewelry of any kind. All watches, necklaces, dangling earrings, bracelets, rings which are not bands MUST be removed prior to the game. The Referee will ask any player breaking this rule to remove the piece of jewelry.


Game Length

Games will consist of four (4) quarters, each lasting for no longer than five (5) minutes which is separated by two 1-minute quarter time breaks and a three (3) minute half time break. No clock stoppages will be made except under exceptional circumstances and will be at the sole discretion of the Referee.

No time outs are permitted.

If a game commences late (and is not deemed a forfeit) then it still must finish at the scheduled time. The length of the quarters may be shortened at the discretion of the Convener.


Drawn Matches

Should a regular competition match be drawn at full time, a draw will be awarded.

In the event of a draw in the finals, teams must select one player each to battle in a one on one, golden goal play off.



KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER strives to provide fun and organized game play. This is achieved in large part by having teams committed to playing their scheduled games. However, from time to time a team may not be able to attend its scheduled game. In this case, it is the responsibility of the team to notify KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER at least 24 hours in advance of missing a game to report its forfeit. Teams who forfeit multiple times during a season may not be allowed to participate in the end-of-season tournament or may be removed from the league altogether.


Scoring and Competition Points

Competition points will be allocated as follows -

Win – 3 points

Draw – 2 points each team

Loss – 1 point

Forfeit – 3 points to winning team, 0 point to team forfeited.

Notice is needed to give Knockers Bubble Soccer every opportunity to schedule the non-forfeiting team a “make up” game.

Please note that the Competitions Coordinator reserves the right to ask a team to leave the competition, without refund, should they forfeit more than two (2) games and do not provide a valid reason. In this instance, what is deemed "valid" shall be at the sole discretion of the Competitions Coordinator.

Should teams finish with equal competition points at the end of the regular season then for/Against will be used to separate the teams i.e. (Team A goals scored – Team A goals scored against) – (team B goals scored – Team B goals scored against).



KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER uses two methods to inform teams when a RAIN-OUT or game cancellation has taken place. The voice mail message for the phone line 855-HEY-KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER ext. 1 will be updated with information regarding the status of league play. Additionally, KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER will update the status of its page, ‘Knockers Bubble Soccer’ on Facebook.

Due to the nature of weather, KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER won’t always be able to update these messages prior to the start of league play for an evening. If neither of these methods has been updated, please show up to the game location and seek information there about the status of games for the evening.

In the case of a RAIN-OUT or game cancellation, KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER will attempt to reschedule the games. However, not all games are guaranteed and KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER reserves the right to shorten the league schedule, without issuing a refund, if necessary.


Playoffs Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the end-of-season playoffs a player must have played at least one regular season game with the team or be of no greater skill than the player he/she is subbing for. Teams may be ruled ineligible by KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER for rule or sportsmanship infractions and will be notified if their eligibility has been revoked.


Standings / Seeding

Throughout the season, league standings will be updated and displayed on the league WEB-PAGE. The order shown on the page is not necessarily the order of seeding that will exist for the end-of-season tournament. In the case of multiple teams having the same regular season record, tie-breakers will be listed in the sport specific portion of the rules.


Team Fixtures

It is the responsibility of the team captain and individual team members to read the draw. All correspondence will be forwarded via e-mail to the team contacts and will be available through the website.

Please check the fixtures right up until game day as fixtures can change from time to time.



All players must register and play four (4) games during the normal rounds to be eligible to play in the finals. If a team uses a player who is not eligible to play in the final rounds an automatic forfeit and disqualification will be recorded to the offending team. See Section 6 (b).

All finals matches must have a winning outcome for one team. See section 9.


Unforeseeable Acts

The following formula is to be used to determine the result for a game that cannot be completed for whatever reason (e.g. serious injury which impedes court, court unsafe, power outages, etc.).

A game called off anytime in the first half (i.e. in either the first or second quarter) will be declared a draw unless one team is leading by a margin of 20 points or more. In this instance the result will stand at the score line when the game is called off.

A game called off anytime in the second half (i.e. in either the third of fourth quarter) will be

determined based on the score line when the game was called off.



•   No one under the influence of drugs/alcohol will be permitted to play

•   No pinning another player to the ground

•   No launching yourself at another player's legs or helping someone else launch themselves

•   No leaving your feet to make a hit on another player

•   No pushing a player into a wall or into a corner or other large obstruction

•   No striking a player when they are on the ground or trying to stand back-up

•   No kicking another player or equipment (bubbles)

•   No full force blindsiding people

•   No intentional flipping

•   No pulling yourself up by the handles (wears them down)

•   No intentionally going down to your knees

**You could be removed from or not permitted to play because of not following any of the above rules. There will be no refund if you are thrown out of or not permitted to play. **


Disciplinary Sanctions

This competition is social. Any rough play, abusive language, bickering or challenge to the Referees authority etc. will not be tolerated. These judgements will be at the discretion of the Referee and his/her decision is final.

In most instances the following procedure will apply for the above infringements. Note however that the Referee is perfectly entitled to send off any player at any stage for any reason for any period if they feel it necessary to do so for player safety or their ability to effectively control the game.


Injury and Insurance

A player may call for ‘time' due to an injury or illness, although the decision to stop play shall be at the sole discretion of the Referee. If a player is injured, it is their or their team mate's responsibility to immediately inform the Referee. The Referee may stop the game at any time.

For a minor injury, the Referee should send the injured player or a bystander to the Convener for first aid treatment and to collect an Incident Report Form (this must be completed by the injured or another responsible person before they leave the venue for further treatment).

If a player has a minor injury (or blood on their clothing or their person), they have a maximum of two (2) minutes to be treated (or remove all signs of blood) on court, or they will have to be substituted with another player.

After two (2) minutes have elapsed, the Referee should immediately restart the game. Time for injury will not be added on to the final half during grading or round games. The Referee can stop a game for any period to deal with an emergency.

For a medical emergency, the Referee is to remain with the injured player and send somebody else to inform the Convener of the emergency.

Time for medical emergencies will not be added on to the final half during grading or round games. See section 14 for information regarding the protocol for games that cannot continue due to injury.

During time for injury, all players must remain on the court unless involved in a substitution. If a player is bleeding, they must leave the court immediately (for health and safety reasons) and not return until the wound has been cleaned and all blood and blood-stained items have been removed and covered. If necessary, the ball and court surface shall be cleaned before play resumes.

During finals matches the above injury rules apply with injury time added to the final half (i.e. In quarters three and four). This includes any time taken for an emergency. However, the injury time able to be accumulated is to be a maximum of ten (10) minutes.

Many injuries that occur during officially sanctioned and managed Knockers Bubble Soccer activities are solely covered by the “Participants” insurance policy.


Rule Changes

KNOCKERS BUBBLE SOCCER reserves the right to change league rules at any time. Team managers will be made aware of rule changes and it then becomes their responsibility to communicate changes to their teams. Rules for each sport will be listed under each sport’s page.



Knockers Bubble Soccer websites, are the source for information regarding all team and league information. Please utilize the websites functions for all scheduling and registration functions. Other features that may be found on the website are: Free Agent postings, League Rules, Social Events, and in-season announcements.



Players are required to clean the inside of their bubbles after play. Players will also be given the opportunity to clean their bubbles before play. Cleaning supplies will be provided.

Disinfectant Wipes and Disinfecting Spray will be used to sanitize the bubbles. If you are allergic to these products or any of the ingredients, it is advised that you do not play.